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We flew to Thailand. The first acquaintance with any country begins with the airport. Most regular and charter flights from Russia take Suvarnabhumi How to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya or to the city center? Where are currency exchange places, hotels, cheap cafes, shops and luggage storage? 

First steps after arrival

The plane descended, came in for a landing and landed on the runway. What's next? We are waiting for him to taxi to his parking lot and stop. At this point, an invitation to disembark passengers will sound. We rise from our chairs, go to the exit.
In Suvarnabhumi, the plane pulls up to one of the terminals of the airport terminal and stops in front of the entrance, which is adjacent to the doors. This means you don't have to walk down the street. We are greeted by the host - Thais who work at the airport. Don't rush through.
Usually, the meeting staff of Suvarnabhumi hand over all passengers with a free telephone SIM card from a local operator. It can be used for domestic calls, international calls, Internet connections. To do this, it is enough to put money on the number.
The road to the arrivals hall is long. If you get tired on the way, just stand on the horizontal evalator. During a slow ride, take a breath, admire the elegant paintings on the walls. We are almost there!

After long corridors, tourists enter the inspection area. Migration cards are issued here - they are handed out on the plane and stamped in passports. Get in line with a filled card. There are several of them - separate for foreigners and Thais themselves.
No need to worry! The procedure has been worked out to the details, if difficulties arise, you can always count on the free help of the "helped" - the airport staff. Within an hour or even earlier, the formalities will end, it will be possible to move on.

Receipt of baggage

After customs control, tourists find themselves in the baggage delivery area. You need to stand near the line above which your flight number is written. When the line starts to move, suitcases and backpacks will go along it. We look out for ours, pick it up, go to the exit.
Currency exchange
To make any purchases, get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya or the central areas of the city, you need local money. In Thailand, they only pay in baht, so we take the next step - change the currency.
Branches of the main Thai banks operate in the arrivals area. They are easy to distinguish by multi-colored kiosks and ATMs. The exchange rate at the airport is not the most favorable, so it is not wise to change all the money at once. When you get to the place, you can easily exchange the remaining currency.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Dollars and euros are exchanged in different parts of the country, and rubles are only exchanged in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket or in another major tourist center. If your further route lies to the remote corners of Thailand, exchange all the necessary currency here at once, so that later you will not experience any problems.
Do you want to withdraw money from the card? Be aware that you will have to pay 150-200 baht for ATM services. To avoid the ATM commission, go directly to the bank branch. A good rate is offered by the yellow exchangers of Krungsri Bank. It should also be borne in mind that in Thailand it is more profitable to change large bills of 50 and 100 dollars or euros.

How the airport works

Now let's deal with the floors. There are four of them in Suvarnabhumi, plus a semi-basement. Free toilets are everywhere. On any of the floors it is easy to find places for free recharging of phones and tablets.
The first floor is transport. there are bus exits, bus ticket offices, a huge public taxi rank and an excellent food court. So in Thailand they call comfortable canteens, where you can eat very inexpensively.
The second floor is reserved for the arrivals area - customs control, evalators, baggage distribution halls, banks. It is impossible to enter here from the street, so those who meet them are waiting for passengers in a certain place - at the entrance to the floor.

In the waiting and recreation area, on the third floor, there are restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, prayer rooms for representatives of different religions, chairs for passengers. When you have to wait for your flight, this is the best place at the airport.
The fourth floor is the departure area, where check-in for domestic and international flights takes place. On the top floor there are rows with armchairs, shops. Here you can also find Wat Refund - a place where you can return the tax fee for goods that you bought in Thailand and decided to take home.
On the lower floor there are left-luggage offices, fast food restaurants, and the Airport City Line metro station, which leads to the city. The road from the airport to the famous skyscraper "Bayoke Sky 2" takes about half an hour. Along the way, there are transfers to the underground (MRT) and ground (BTS) metro. 

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